Posted on Thursday 7 November 2013 by Donald Marks

IHEEM Health Estate: Bacteria Banished

Source: IHEEM Health Estate - October 2013

Since last year's Healthcare Estates exhibition, BioClad says the popularity of its antimicrobial products in healthcare environments has been further strengthened thanks to installations at the Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, and in the UAE, China, and South America.

BioClad hygienic wall cladding was also independently tested by the University of Warwick for its effectiveness against bacteria, in a study that measured bacteria levels on 35 separate surfaces in a nursing home kitchen. The BioClad wall cladding installed a year earlier was reportedly shown to have a 'zero level' level of bacteria.

BioClad has continued to expand its antimicrobial hygienic wall cladding range, with the addition of two new colours, 'Fawn' and 'Mint', also launching the BioDoor, a range of antimicrobial, hygienic doorsets for hospitals, schools, catering, and manufacturing facilities. As with BioClad, the PVC clad-doorsets are said to reduce MRSA, E. coli and Salmonella, by 'up to 99 per cent'.